January 08, 2011

Movie this January 2011

This 2011 let's expect a huge number of good movie and this January there's a few reason for you to go out and go to your favorite cinema.

season of witch
Nicolas Cage will star his year together with one of my favorite actor Ron Perlman in Season of Witch. Nicolas Cage will throw himself on a medieval time as a 14th century knight. Together with Perlman both of them must transport a witch who is suspected to be source of the plague. They must bring the witch to a monastery monk to perform a ritual hoping to end the curse plague.
the green hornet
Still crossing my fingers to this movie hoping this won't sucks The Green Hornet is not new to many of us and many of The Green Hornet fans still have a doubt if this Seth Rogen version will pull the string and deliver what the viewer is expecting.

the mechanic
Jason Statham is now an elite assassin in The Mechanic together with Ben Foster the son of his mentor which become his apprentice after the death of his father. The two will hunt the responsible for the murder that will lead to them the truth and deceptions behind the murder.

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