September 05, 2010

Another Tron Legacy Movie Poster

Crossing my finger between Tron: Legacy of Resident Evil: After Life, both movie will be on 3D but the question is between the two who will be the best 3D movie after Avatar.

My bet is still Resident Evil: After Life

September 03, 2010

The Three Musketeers in 3D

Look likes the medieval time will have a taste of the latest trend and thats is the 3D.. yeah after James Cameron did to his Avatar the 3D movie is officially booming. Next year we will see what The Musketeers look in a 3D environment.

I wonder what Milla Jovovich look like wielding medieval swords and not a kick-ass gun pumping against hordes of flesh-eating zombie

September 02, 2010

New Tron Movie Poster

One of much awaited film this year specially for the geeks and the nerds. This coming December Tron: Legacy and be ready to wet your pants.

tron legacy, movie poster

So far this is my favorite Tron: Legacy movie poster.. Your not alone if Matrix pop in your head the moment you look at this poster