January 10, 2010

My Sherlock Holmes short Movie Review

Just couple of hours ago I've watched Sherlock Holmes as part of my weekend escape route.  Sherlock Holmes is one of many movie I've seen that I used almost 100% of my brain cells if you don't listen and concentrate watching the movie it will be hard to understand the flow of the story.

Robert Downy Jr as Sherlock Holmes, movie review

The combination of Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. really pull the string to that movie the superb acting of both actor will really throw the viewer to the Sherlock Holmes universe I also salute the heavy detail of the film from the costume design to the very little detail of the set. The first 30 minutes of the film really give me a hard time to understand the flow of the story good thing I managed to follow the flow of the story till the end

sherlock holmes robert downey jr jude law, movie review

All in all I really enjoy the movie and I'm expecting a sequel as soon as possible.

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