March 10, 2009

Knowing Movie Poster

I miss Nicolas Cage co'z until now I've never seen Bangkok Dangerous, the last Nicolas Cage movie I've seen is National Treasure: Book of Secret and now Nicolas is back with anothe sci-fi movie i guess. 

This poster kinda look great it remind me of Will Smith I Am Legend, its dark and very mysterious IMHO.

Knowing Movie Poster


Minjie.Meiji.Chocobawang said...

i didn't hear anything 'bout this..better read the reviews first

ei manong linked you up in my blog btw :D

dtgeek said...

Not too shabby, I want to check this out for myself.

Added you to plurk, if I guessed correctly. :)


Nick said...

hi, this is my first time to visit ur blog.
am a big fans of Movie poster also
did u collect the double side poster as well?