January 05, 2009

My Top 10 2009 Movie List

Here are my top 10 movie list of 2009 its on random list, of course its not yet final but as of now this is my top 5 movie to watch

Angels and Demon Movie Poster

The Da Vinci Code for me its not that good, but I'm giving a chance the Angels and Demon to hit on big screen. Showing on May this year.

Fast and the Furious Movie Poster

This movie really give me the excitement. I'm a big fan of Fast and the Furious since the beginning specially the Tokyo Drift and it's a thing that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker is back

GI Joe Movie Poster

Another part of my childhood GI Joe: Rise of Cobra I'm sure this movie is full pack of action

Terminator Salvation Movie Poster

And speaking of action don't forget Terminator Salvation. I hope of an Arnold appearance here :)

Watchmen Movie Poster

And of course my most awaited movie this year, Watchmen in big screen coming this March

Transformer Revenge of the Fallen

Who don't like Transformer? a fresh release of teaser poster of Transformer Revenge of the Fallen has just released few days ago

X-Men Wolverine Movie Poster

Hugh Grant is back on X-Men as Wolverine. X-Men Origins Wolverine this May

Star Trek Movie Poster

I'm one of not so excited about this film this year since I'm a huge fan of Star Wars before the Clone Wars hehe but still I'll watch this movie

harry Potter Half Blood Prince Movie Poster

Are you excited about this film? Me no.. I dont know but after the final book of Harry Potter honestly I lost my interest

Reserve :D

and btw this is my 100 post for this blog

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