November 24, 2008

Oscar Best Picture: American Beauty Movie Poster

American Beauty nominated for 8 Oscar awards and Winner of 5 Oscar awards namely Best Picture, Best Actor in Leading Role(Kevin Spacey), Best Cinematography, Best Director(Sam Mendes) and Best Writing Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.

Lester Burnham (Spacey) is a 42-year-old father and advertising executive who serves as the film's narrator. Lester's family life is messy his wife Carolyn (Bening) is an ambitious realtor who feels that she is unsuccessful at fulfilling her potential, and his 16-year-old daughter Jane (Birch) is unhappy and struggling with self-esteem issues. Lester himself is a self-described loser: boring, faceless and easy to forget. Lester is reinvigorated, however, when he meets Jane's friend and classmate Angela Hayes (Suvari) at a high school basketball game. Lester immediately develops an obvious infatuation with Angela, much to his daughter's embarrassment. Throughout the film, Lester has fantasies involving a sexually aggressive Angela and red rose petals. The Burnhams' new neighbors are Col. Frank Fitts, USMC (Cooper), his distracted wife Barbara (Janney), and his camcorder-obsessed son Ricky (Bentley). When confronted with the gay couple living two doors down, Col. Fitts displays a distinctly bigoted attitude. source imdb

Oscar Best Picture American Beauty

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