February 20, 2008

Wings and Sunrise 1927 Oscar Most Outstanding Production and Most Artistic Quality Production Movie Poster

On 1927 the first year of Academy award there was no Best Picture award instead there were two separate awards, the Most Outstanding Production and the Most Artistic Quality Production. The Most Outstanding Production won by Wings and the Most Artistic Quality Production won by the art film Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans


In 1917, Jack Powell (Charles 'Buddy' Rogers) is a young man with passion for cars. His next door neighbor is Mary Preston (Clara Bow), who is in deep love for him, but Jack does not notice her. Jack indeed loves Sylvia Lewis (Jobyna Ralston), but she is in love with the rich David Armstrong (Richard Arlen). When USA enters in World War I, Jack and David join the Air Force to fight in France and become pals. Mary joins the Women's Motor Corp, trying to be close to Jack. But it is war, and a tragedy happen between the two friends. imdb


In this fable-morality silent film masterpiece (which is subtitled "A Song of Two Humans"), the "evil" temptress (Margaret Livingston) is a city woman who bewitches farmer George O'Brien and convinces him to murder his neglected wife, Janet Gaynor. After O'Brien comes to his senses - just as he is about to kill Gaynor - the married couple renew their love in the city. Directed by F.W. Murnau. imdb

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